The location of Tamegroute

Tamegroute is a village in Morocco, located 18km south of Zagora on the ancient road of Timbuktu, in the Draa Valley.

In Tamegroute lives 19560 habitants, with clay houses nested to each other at the edge of a palm grove.

Meaning of the word Tamegroute

The word Tamgroute is of Amazigh connotation, it is a feminine name of the root « gru » from where « gru vid, igra vid » which means to pass, pass to see me, it is passed to me and by extension.

Tamgroute which means the one we go to see, visit, where we rest.
It thus designates a place of passage, a step almost obliged in a commercial artery which once delighted gold traders.

The history of Tamgroute

Tamegroute is known by its Zaouia, a holy place sheltering a religious fraternity, only about twenty of these sites still exist in Morocco. That of Tamegroute is founded in the 17th century, it is the headquarters of the important Brotherhood Naciri, which has responded to its influence over several centuries on a southern Moroccan major, its Medrsa (Koranic school) houses a very rich library, where we find ancient manuscripts, manuscripts of nine centuries, precious scientific treatises, religious works from the Andalusian Golden Age.

Description of Tamegroute

Throughout the region live and coexist populations of different origins and especially in Tamgroute, mainly Draouas, the Arabs (M’rabtine). Each of these populations has different activities, most Draouas make pottery of a green color which makes Tamgroute a village well known nationally and even worldwide. The Arabs (M’rabtine) are very busy religious practices especially Sufism, the rest of the villagers work in buildings.

The library of Tamgroute

The large library characterizes the Zaouia Naciria of Tamgroute on other Zaouia, it is the large library that includes and is considered a great Arab cultural heritage Muslim, compared to other Zaouias.

The Draâ was for a long time the cradle of a learned culture. By testifying these thousands of manuscripts owned by marabouts who make their zaouia centers of scientific and spiritual flourishing.

« If the Zaouia of Tamsla (Elkadiriya) and that of Tagounit (Essalhiya) have lost, over the years, much of their bookish wealth, that of Tamnougalte, near agdez. Still contains some rare manuscripts dealing with the study of the Koran. From the tradition of the prophet of the Arabic language Zaouia Naciria, the most famous of all zaouias of the South could bequeath to the successive generation of a legacy manuscript of the most prestigious.